Monthly Bulletin of Interior Statistics  [內政統計月報]   [e-Book]

1 Population 2 Civil Affairs3 Cooperative and Civil Associations4 Land Adm.5 Police Adm.6 Immigration Adm.7 Fire Fighting8 Construction&Planning

 [1 Population, 2 Civil Affairs】

1.1 Number of Villages, Neighborhoods, Households and Resident Population   (ODF) 1.2 Number and Rates of Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce   (ODF)
1.3 Immigrant and Emigrant  (ODF) 1.4 Indigenous People   (ODF)
1.5 Population by Age of 0-14, 15-64, 65+ and by 6-year Age Group   (ODF) 1.6 Population by 5-year Age Group   (ODF)
1.7 Population for Township and District and by Urban Area   (ODF) 1.8 Indigenous People by 5-year Age Group   (ODF)
1.9 Population during Month or Year  (ODF) 1.10 Population for Township and District since 1981  (ODF)
1.11 Population by Single Year of Age and Median Age   (ODF) 1.12 Offense and Service Cases of Population Adm.   (ODF)
1.13 Marriage and Divorce Registrations by Nationality   (ODF)  
3 Cooperative and Civil Associations】
3.1 Cooperative Business   (ODF) 3.2 National-wide Civil Organizations   (ODF)
Farmer Health Insurance (Website of Bureau of Labour Insurance)  
4 Land Adm.】
4.1 Registration of Land and Change in Land Descriptions   (ODF) 4.2 Registration of Land Ownership   (ODF)
4.3 Registration of Other Rights in Land   (ODF) 4.4 Registration of Buildings and Change in Building Descriptions   (ODF)
4.5 Registration of Buildings' Ownership   (ODF) 4.6 Registration of Other Rights in Buildings   (ODF)
4.7 Land Survey Cases   (ODF) 4.8 Indices of Urban Land Price   (ODF)
4.9 Other Registration of Land and Buildings and Copy of Registers Issued   (ODF) 4.10 Registration of Land and Building Rights Obtained by Foreigner in Taiwan-Fuchien Area   (ODF)
4.11 Real Estate Agents   (ODF) 4.12 Real Estate Appraisers and Practicians   (ODF)
5 Police Adm.】
5.1 Offenses Handled by Police Organizations   (ODF) 5.2 Juvenile Offenders Handled by Police Organizations   (ODF)
5.3 Offenses of Narcotic Drugs   (ODF) 5.4 Violation of the Law for Maintaining Social Order   (ODF)
5.5 Registration of Motor Vehicles and Traffic Accidents   (ODF) 5.6 Assembly and Parade Handled by Police Organizations   (ODF)
5.7 Discovered Economic Frauds Handled by Police Organizations   (ODF) 5.8 Captured Illegal Firearms, Ammunition and Knives   (ODF)
5.9 Infringement of Intellectual Property Right   (ODF)  
6 Immigration Adm.】
6.1 Entry Persons by Sex,Age,Idetification   (ODF) 6.2 Entry Persons by Entry Place   (ODF)
6.3 Exit Persons-By Sex,Age,Idetification   (ODF) 6.4 Exit Persons by Exit Place   (ODF)
6.5 Foreign Residents   (ODF) 6.6 Ferreted Illegal Foreign Residents   (ODF)
6.7 Visit and Interview Applications forMainland Chinese Spouses Coming to Taiwan to Get Together with Family Members   (ODF) 6.8 Subsidies of Foreign Spouses Care and Assistance Fund   (ODF)
6.9 Immigrant Consultation and Assistance   (ODF) 6.10 Foreign Residents   (ODF)
6.11 Foreign Sojourns   (ODF) 6.12 Overstayed Foreign Nationals with Resident Visa   (ODF)
6.13 Overstayed Foreign Nationals with Tourist Visa   (ODF)  
7 Fire Fighting】
7.1 Inspection and Supervision of Fire Safety Equipment   (ODF) 7.2 Number of Fires  by Caught Place   (ODF)
7.3 Number of Fires  by Cause   (ODF) 7.4 Number of Fires  by Classification and Fire Time   (ODF)
7.5 Losses of Fire Disasters   (ODF) 7.6 Number of Fires of Caught Buildings   (ODF)
7.7 Fire Services and Call Frequency   (ODF) 7.8 Emergency Medical Services   (ODF)
7.9 Rescue Treatments of Emergency Medical Services   (ODF)  
8 Construction and Planning】
8.1 Issued Building Construction License by Use   (ODF) 8.2 Issued Building Construction License by Material   (ODF)
8.3 Issued Building Demolition License by Use   (ODF) 8.4 Issued Building Usage License by Use   (ODF)
8.5 Issued Building Usage License by Material   (ODF) 8.6 Issued Building Usage License by Height   (ODF)
8.7 Issued Building Usage License by Story   (ODF) 8.8 Issued Building Usage License by Using District   (ODF)
8.9 Construction Commencement by Use   (ODF) 8.10 Construction Commencement by Material   (ODF)
8.11 Visitors and Vehicles of Spots in National Parks   (ODF)